We love finding and enjoying something different here at Fuggles – we’re constantly on the look for something new, interesting, fun and unique to drink – be that beer, wine or anything else! So with that in mind, why not ditch your usual and try something different this year!

Now, who doesn’t love Christmas Day being an excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbly? With this in mind, why not try a bottle of Pet Nat?  Put simply, this is natural sparkling wine. And it’s not new, it was around before we had Champagne. It’s got a few benefits as well, no added sugar or preservatives and generally lower in alcohol – so it’s a healthier option. The wine is bottled before fermentation is finished; giving it it’s sparkle (whereas with the traditional method of making Champagne it undergoes a secondary fermentation with additional yeasts and sugars). But enough of the tech – what to drink? 

Pet Nat’s are all wonderfully unique and different, unfiltered and brimming with flavour. We’ve a few in at the moment but I’ll personally be cracking open a bottle of Meierer OMG – a stunning Pet Nat Riesling from the Mosel region of Germany. It’s wonderfully fruity, loads of tropical fruits and sweet lime, balanced out with some acidity and a touch of rustic funk.

Meierer ‘OMG 2019’ - 11.5%, 750ml - £25 from

What about the beers? To be honest at this time of year I’m like a kid in a sweet shop - so much to choose from! We love the UnBarred’s Mango Pale, brewed down in Brighton. It’s beer-y mango juice and it’s absolutely delicious. 

UnBarred ‘Mango Pale’ - 6%, 440ml - £4.20 from

I’m also a huge fan of traditional English bitters and luckily we have a cracking range in. Cellar Heads’ ‘Fireside’ is a proper winter warmer, rich, fruity and smooth.

Cellar Head ‘Fireside’ – 5.2%, 500ml - £4 from

It wouldn’t be Christmas without something Festive from our Belgian friends. I’ll be having a bottle of Abbaye des Rocs Noel in my stash this year – it’s dark and slightly spicy, with notes of raisin, dates and clove. 

Abbaye des Rocs ‘Noel’ - 8%, 330ml - £4 from

I’ll also likely be sharing a bottle of Bon Secours Tradition – it comes in a stunning 2 litre flagon (which makes a great gift!) This strong Belgian blonde ale will work really nicely with a roast. Full bodied, aromatic, citrus fruits and a hint of spice with good bitterness, perfect to share round the table!

Caulier – ‘Bon Secours Tradition’ - 8%, 2L - £24 from

What about the final course - Christmas pudding, or a selection of cheese? We have a couple of stunning Danish Cherry Wines that we love. They’re similar to port in a sense & produced in the same way as wine, but full of gorgeous intense cherry flavour. Frederiksdal Likor has a lovely complexity to it and works brilliantly in cocktails (try it instead of Cassis in a Kir Royale) and pairs really well with a Blue Cheese. Alternatively, their Sur Lie is lighter and has more dark chocolate notes. Lovely with anything!

Frederiksdal Sur Lie – 14%, 500ml - £28 from
Frederiksdal Likor – 17%, 500ml - £35 from

Finally, it doesn’t have to be boozy – the low & no alcohol category has come on leaps and bounds and the range is huge these days – from lagers, to pales, dark beers and radlers. Get in the festive spirit with Lervig’s ‘No Worries – Driving Home For Christmas’ – a 0.5% Christmas beer, dark and fruity! Rothaus, from Germany, do a wonderful Radler – a mix of lemonade & lager. Perfect for all day supping and great refreshment behind a hot stove!

Lervig – ‘No Worries’ 0.5% 330ml - £3.20 from

Rothaus ‘Radler’ – 2.4%, 330ml - £2.80 from

Merry Christmas to all from us at Fuggles – we hope you have a great one! Next month we’ll be talking all things low and no-alcohol!