We have some treats for you this week. Alongside some utterly delicious hop forward beers from both the UK and Europe, it's also getting ridiculously festive here at Fuggles Bottle Shop. That and we've also just received a glorious shipment of beer from Germany and Austria, meaning we're fully stocked and ready to go on the Lager & Weiss Beer front. Plus, history recreated in a bottle too...

First up though, let us talk hops. Glasshouse have been banging out some brilliant beers over the past year or so. 100% one to watch and we've just listed 3 of their latest hop forward pales. Have a look below to take your pick.

Next up, we've gone all Spanish. OSO Brewing have been making waves in the relatively small and unknown beer scene in Madrid. proper juicy pales here, well worth a look (plus, it's not just pales, they've do a banging fruited sour too)

Add to that hoppy pales and DIPA's from Folkingebrew and Maltgarden and we've got your juicebuds covered this week.

Now, on to the classics. First up - Allsopps. The brand and recipes have been reborn - which is mighty exciting, afterall, they were the the original brewers of what we know as the 'India Pale Ale'. Brewed using heritage malt, as it should be, and keeping faithful to the original recipe these are highly worth checking out for any beer buffs and real ale fans out there.

Talking of classics - you can't beat the Germans & Austrians at much when it comes to Lager and Wheat Beer styles. We've just had a drop of around a dozen or so land with us including beers from Trumer, some rare Tegernseer, Stiegl (finally!) and plenty of other treats. 


We've gone large (both figuratively and literally) this year. From fantastic gift sets, Christmas Crackers and festive beers all the way through to Trappist Magnums and Mini Kegs.

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