Fresh in this week we've some super fresh Beak (packaged about 2 days ago, so you can't get much fresher). Verdant have done a Triple IPA, which they said they wouldn't do, but they have. Pressure Drop are in with a healthy top up of lots of their latest and we've a smattering of other treats from Hackney Brewery, ARBOR and Wiper & True too.

Last week I mentioned Vault City and their birthday beers. Well they did indeed arrive, so get your mitts on them before they go (just 3 bottles of the Emperor's Brewery collab Stout remaining here!)


beak brewery logo

3 new beers have literally just landed fresh this morning from Lewes!

Let's is a juicy union of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, Maps is a 6.5% banger of an IPA and People - a rebrew of one of their first and most popular beers 'Strangers' - amped up in celebration of their 2nd Birthday.

View the whole collection from BEAK BREWERY here

Just the one beer this week from favourite's Verdant. But it's a BIG one and maybe that's all we need? 'Intervention Denied' is a Triple IPA, brewed with Fuerst Wiacek (one of Germany's finest craft brewers).

When the 2 breweries got together a short while ago for a collaboration brew the subject of a big 10% TIPA came up and whilst Verdant have always said it's not for them, when you've got FW in town (who do the style pretty damn well) you may as well go for it! Citra & Nelson Sauvin hopped, this is a big, heavy hitting beer!

View the whole collection from VERDANT here

A healthy top up from Pressure Drop this week too. From the classic fridge filler, Pale Fire, through to a string of their latest hop forward releases, spanning both the East & West Coast styles as well as a lovely little number brewed using Kveik yeast. They've also released a delicious Saison too, brewed with a touch of honey.

View the whole collection from PRESSURE DROP here


Hackney Brewery are in the fridges for the first time this week. Having recently moved into a new brewery in High Hill they've been releasing some great stuff over the past year (they always did to be fair, we just didn't see much of it as they had a limited capacity). This week we've 3 of their pales for you all to get into, including KAPOW! their rather excellent pale ale.

View the full HACKNEY collection here

As promised last week, Vault City landed with a triple drop as part of their Birthday celebrations. For those that know, you've probably already bagged some. For those that don't, if you're into your big and bold sours or heavy hitting pastry stouts - these are essentials!

View the full VAULT CITY collection here