It's a BIG ONE this week. One of our finest drops for a while as it happens. Loads of restocks of favourites from the likes of Verdant, a bit of a rarity from De Struise for all you fans of his fine work with big Belgian styles and barrels. Plus a healthy top up on Wine and Alcohol Free sections and lots of tasty fresh beers in from Pohjala, Baron and some new cocktails from Mikropolis too! 

A bit of something for everyone this week, be it beer, wine or spirits! Looking like a scorcher too over the coming days so best get those fridges filled!

Oh and finally, watch out tomorrow for some exciting Vault City beers! They've released some special Birthday beers which we'll have available from tomorrow; Valencia Session Sour, Iron Brew Extra and The Gaelic Sea (Imperial Stout) - hitting the shop tomorrow at midday!

De Struisse Logo

What's the perfect drink during a heatwave you ask? 

A Madeira cask aged Belgian Quadrupel you say? Correct answer!

De Struise are one of the finest brewers in Belgium. Known for making some of the best big Belgian stouts and dark beers, then aging them in a multitude of exciting and interested barrels. The beer is always pretty hard to get hold of (so much so that we literally only got 6 bottles and couldn't get anything else this time around!). So feast your eyes on this, a Madeira cask aged Belgian Quad!

Baron Brewing logo

We first discovered Baron Brewing via the medium of Instagram thanks to Jonny of Craft Beer Channel fame. When he says 'this brewery is excellent' you tend to go with it. Since then, Baron have been making some serious waves with the hophead fraternity in the UK. Some like to think of them as the new DEYA or Verdant. I just think they're great.

View the collection from BARON here

pohjala logo

The latest releases from Pohjala are in too this week. They've been busy collaborating after Tallin Beer Festival and the results are in. A* all round I say (is that how grades work these days?!)

They've worked with US brewery Finback to brew an IPA, laced with my favourite hop of the moment Bru-1, Citra and Azacca. Expect juicy pineapple and ripe citrus pith here. Then, Mikkeller joined them in the brewhouse to brew a style I suspect both will nail. Sea Fog is an imperial Gose brewed with Sea Buckthorn and Carrot. I know, but trust the madness.

Finally, they've teamed up with To øl to brew an imperial stout brewed with raspberry tea, raspberries and liquorice. Sticks and Stones has been aged in Oloroso Sherry and Ruby Port barrels. I have no further words for how excellent this stout sounds.

Plus, their cracking Gluten Free pale Helge is topped up as well as Tundra, their Alcohol Free pale.

View the collection from Pohjala here

verdant brewing logo

A lovely little Verdant drop too, mainly some of our favourites but also including their excellent collaboration with Duration featuring the use of grape must (which I love in an IPA) alongside the smashable PMST, Marylou and Headband.

View the collection from Verdant Brewing here


After a bit of a run on our alcohol free range over the past couple of weeks we've had a rather healthy restock this week. Toøl are in with Implosion, one of the best Alcohol Free pales out there. Tundra from Pohjala is back in too and we've had a nice restock from Low Tide and Lucky Saint too.

View our Alcohol Free range here


A healthy little restock on wine and cocktails this week too. Sadly, everyones favourite tiny can from Whitebox (their Negroni) is out of stock at the moment, however, Hippy Fizz is back as is their Freezer Martini! We've also grabbed some treats from Mikropolis. Based out in Copenhagen and part of the Toøl family, these cocktails in a tin are some of the best out there.

View our Cocktails range here

We've also topped up on lots of our favourite wines, from the outstanding Meierer Riesling in 1 litre bottles (surely a must in this weather?!) along with some delightful Rose and some fun and tasty natural and orange wines too... Our picks are below!

View our Wines here