Another lovely selection hits the fridges this week for you all - we've fresh pales from favourites like Burning Sky and Burnt Mill, some brilliant fruited sours from Gipsy Hill and Yonder, Merakai's latest releases are in too and we've clean, crisp lager and wheat based goodness from Stiegl and Flotzinger too.


burning sky logo


The latest drop from Burning Sky features a little bit of everything. From the latest in their Indecision Time series, to their excellent collaboration with Belgiums' Brasserie De La Senne. Saison Houblon is tasting absolutely brilliant in this weather too - peak refreshment! Plus, we've still got some great 750's in stock including Saison Provision and Saison de Peche!

gipsy hill logo

Gipsy Hill's latest releases are here! Most excitingly, for all you fans of fruited sours, TAFA TAFA is back again. This Mai Tai inspired sour is a belter! Alongside that, V Nice is, well, V Nice if you're after some sessionable hop forward goodness and they've also released a cracking Hibiscus Saison too - delightful summer refreshment!

yonder logo


And whilst we're on the subject of fruited goodness, we've picked up some fresh cans from Yonder this week too. We know there's a fair few of you who are massive fans of their fruited sours so we've picked up 2 of their latest, plus a New England IPA brewed with Peach. Yumma!


merakai logo


2 new releases from Merakai this week fresh off the canning line. The latest in their 'Frose' series is back - this time with loads of lovely peach (bit of a theme this week on the sours front!) and they've also collaborated with Alpha Delta, who have been making some waves up in Newcastle, to bring us a thick & juicy, pineapple-esque New England IPA. 


Other highlights this week include Burnt Mill, with 2 fresh IPA's in the fridges - Bitter Falls is a 5.5% West Coast pale, loads of juicy citrus and pine here. Then Amplitude - a New England style IPA brewed with BRU-1 hops from loads of sticky pineapple notes.

Verdant have also done a collaboration with Whiplash which is definitely a good thing. This IPA is well dry hopped with Motueka for some bright citrus and tropical fruit notes with a dank finish.

We've also reloaded on Stiegl - we've summer refreshment in the form of their Grapefruit Radler and fresh Weisse and Goldbrau too (including some 6 packs)

From Germany, Flotzinger are in - these folks make some of Germany's best lagers and wheat beers (which you'd expect given they're Rosenheim's oldest brewery and the only one that's still privately owned), so we've grabbed a few for you to try!