At Fuggles we are fully committed to respecting and ensuring your trust when you share your data with us. This is how we use your data and why we might require it.

By subscribing, ordering or using this website we solely use your information for the process of updating you on your order progress or, if requested, updating you on new products and offers via our mailing list.

At any point when using WiFi in our shops or pubs we may collect information about your device and the volume of data used. We can't see what you are browsing though - but do bear in mind certain sites are blocked for obvious reasons and there are general 'good manners' to be upheld when using the internet in our premises which includes not viewing illicit or illegal material.

If you receive our mailing list it is because you have opted in to receive it, either by subscribing via our website or WiFI services or, alternatively by opting in when checking out on our online shop. If you wish to unsubscribe at any moment you can click the link contained within to unsubscribe or email us and we will remove you. We don't do anything weird with your data and we don't share it with anyone else - we just want to keep you informed and updated.

If you have set up and account with us, your account details will, or may, contain things like loyalty points, order details and delivery information. Any data we hold we will delete upon request, please email us and we will deal with it promptly.

Our site uses cookies to collect information to make your browsing experience better, to help personalise your visit and ultimately, provide a better service - such as storing items in your cart. It also helps us to prevent fraud. Our website will not fully function if your cookies are turned off and you will not be able to complete a purchase. We do not use cookies to collect or record information on your name, address or other contact details. We may also use other third party providers, such as Google, to track analytics. This does not collect any data about yourself, but it is useful for us to understand where our web traffic comes from and how busy parts of our website are.

We use Shopify to process our online orders, you can view privacy policy here

Finally, just to confirm - we will not share your information with anyone else, because that would be poor form and we're not like that!