Fuggles Bottle Shop is Closing on 29 June 2024


Sadly, we have decided it's time to call last orders here at Fuggles Bottle Shop. Our last day of trading will be Saturday 29th June 2024. 

Unfortunately it's become increasingly difficult to make the numbers work. It’s a tricky time for all small businesses and, whilst your support has been amazing, it’s an uphill battle to meet the rising costs of literally everything, whilst shoppers are also feeling the pinch with less disposable cash in their pockets.

Add to that the competition from supermarkets and breweries’ own online offerings and it’s been really hard to get things where we need them to be in order to be a viable business. As such we've made the decision to not renew our lease on Camden Road. 

Please note this does not affect the Fuggles Beer Cafe sites which continue on as normal (and are a separate company entirely).

We want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this little venture over the past 3 years (and more if you count the Covid years before we opened the shop).

There’s been no greater joy than sharing our passion for great independent drinks with you and building a community around that. In the process we've made some great friends and watched as customers have built friendships around our little shop and we’re sorely going to miss that. 

Thanks also to all our staff over the years that created a welcoming space built on expert knowledge and awesome customer service - we're forever grateful for what you helped us achieve.

In the meantime though, do please keep supporting us where you can.

It's business as usual until the 29th June so come help to clear us out of some tasty beers - we’ve got some great deals already on some of our beers & wines - head to the “SALE” section of the website.

Understandably you're probably wondering what's happening with your FUGSPOINTS, FUGSCLUB subscriptions and our Run Club, so read on for the FAQs.

Once again, a massive thank you for all the support, chats, friendships and warmth over the last 3 years on Camden Road.

Alex, John & Max


Will I still be able to collect Fugspoints?

With immediate effect (29 May 2024), you'll no longer be able to earn Fugspoints on new purchases, either online or in-store.

I have a balance of Fugspoints. Can I still redeem them?

Absolutely. We'll honour all Fugspoints balances (either online or in-store) until we close on 29 June 2024.

After this time, Fugspoints become invalid as we'll no longer be trading and they're non transferable to Fuggles Beer Cafes (which is a separate business). So in short, use them before 29 June 2024 or lose them.

I have a Fuggles Bottle Shop gift voucher. Can I still use it?

Again, absolutely. We'll honour all gift vouchers (either online or in-store) until we close on 29 June 2024.

After this time, gift vouchers become invalid as we'll no longer be trading and they're non transferable to Fuggles Beer Cafes (which is a separate business). So in short, use them before 29 June 2024 or lose them.

I always order online. When's the cut off date for last orders and delivery?

The last date for online orders requiring shipping (both local & national) will be Thursday 27th June 2024.

The last delivery date for local orders will be Friday 28th June.

The last despatch time/date for national deliveries will be 12pm on Thursday 27th June 2024. After this date, the national delivery option will be switched off and you will not be able to complete your order.

Is the online store continuing after the shop closes?

Sadly not. However, both Fuggles Beer Cafes offer their full range of beer & wine for takeout too, at Bottle Shop prices! Please support them as much as you can.

I am a FUGSCLUB subscriber. What happens now?

Last subscription payments will be taken up until Friday 28 June, with final boxes delivered on Friday 28th June.

Any subscriptions due after Friday 28th June will be automatically cancelled.

All subscribers will receive an email from us in due course regarding their subscriptions.

What's going to happen to Fuggles Run Club? 

Our final Run Club will be moved forward a week and held on Thursday 20 June (instead of Thursday 27 June). We hope you can join us for one final Run Club! There are currently no plans to move this to Fuggles Beer Cafe Tunbridge Wells (but never say never!).

If you have any questions which aren't answered above, please email hello@fugglesbottleshop.co.uk