First up, a bit of shop news. Throughout December we'll be open on Sundays from 11 - 4, just to give you a bit of extra space and time to get the goodies in. And in the week before Christmas itself, we'll be open until 9pm (along with lots of others in town too!) so don't panic, we're here!

Talking of all that - you don't have to come to us - we'll come to you. And this month, we're offering free delivery when you spend over £50 to our ENTIRE local delivery area (so thats basically Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and parts of Sevenoaks). So if you don't want to carry it, don't want to go out in to a busy area or just don't have time - simply head over to our online shop and click away and we'll get it out to you! We're delivering Thursday and Friday at the moment and will ramp these days up nearer to Christmas itself...


Gipsy Hill are releasing their second Barrel Aged beer on the 9th December - join us for a first taste of this Whisky barrel aged Imperial Stout! 

We'll also be offering 10% off all Gipsy Hill beers from 4pm on the 9th - so swing by for a chat with Pat and grab some great beers!

Here's all the info you need from the team at Gipsy HIll about this exciting release!

"All the way back in July 2018, when the world seemed a lot simpler, we brewed a heavy imperial stout. Once brewed, this was fermented in steel before being conditioned and then transferred to a selection of amazing Scottish Whiskey barrels.  The beer was then aged for 20 Months before being blended and packed in March 2021. 3 of the best barrels were selected for their contrasting and complementary characteristics, it was then bottle conditioned for 8 months.
The resulting beer has a ABV of 9.5%, has a moderate carbonation, with a dark lasting head. It has intense aromas of Liquorice, blackberries and blackcurrant, Chocolate and peated whiskey. The body is full without being sickly sweet. As it warms the chocolate and whiskey aromas intensify and it also shows coconut. A perfect winter beer!"


If I had a pound for everytime we were asked for a certain brewery I'd probably be paying someone else to write this... This week, we welcome OMNIPOLLO to our fridges. 

We've gone pretty dark with our choices, it is the season - so if you like your dark, rich and luxurious stouts, and if you like them BIG, then look no further. We've also got their latest Bianca Lassi release too if you fancy something not quite so dark and a bit more tart! I'm personally looking forward to getting in to some of the BA Mammut - that combo of vanilla, maple syrup, coconut and some time in Bourbon & Rye barrels is an absolute treat!

Next up, Brew By Numbers! We've not had much in from one of our favourite London breweries recently, so it's nice to have them back. Especially when they've been doing collaborations with the likes of New Yorks FINBACK and East London's BOXCAR. 

Who else? Well, some fresh DEYA in, one of our favourite Lagers from Donzoko (Foam anyone?) and one of the best dark beers going - Boxcars' Double Dark Mild. If you haven't tried this and you like a dark beer, please do!

And, for you sour beer lovers - Little Earth Project are in - we've got their latest Simcoe Sour in and a rebrew of their collaboration with Solvay Society - Echoes of Summer. Definitely one of my favourite brewers of sours, all done in the right way (they've also got holiday lets & a lovely pub next to the brewery if you didn't know, so maybe get yourself up to Suffolk for a few days next year!)

Plus, some Cider. It may not be Summer but we've just taken in some rather tasty bits from down under - Fin Wines (yes, wine, but they also grow apples and make cider too) are really at the top of their game. We'll be listing a couple of their stunning wines over the weekend, but in the meantime, get some apples in you - one of your five a day surely? Sundowner and Howell x Golden Delicious are available now so if you like your apples, get in quick as we might not see these again for a while!

We've also had a little restock on some Christmas gift sets and the like - they're flying out, so if you've got your eye on one, get in quick!

Next week watch out for some fantastic new wines that are hitting our shelves this weekend - we've some brilliant bits perfect for the festive season (or before and after it!)