We've some really rather delightful treats in this week for you all. It's a big list!

From Norway we have some Amundsen, including collaborations with Vault City and Seven Islands. Frontaal are back in the UK too - a Dutch brewery we originally helped launch in the UK several years ago. Our favourite Irish Brewery - WHIPLASH - are back in with 3 hop forward, juicy pales alongside fresh stock from locals ABYSS and Cloak & Dagger. And to finish things off, Saint Mars of the Desert delivered late last week and you all must know by now how excited I get by their beer.

Finally, if you're after delivery for a Fathers Day gift, today is the last day to get your order in for local delivery (any nationwide shipping will still go out although we can't guarantee it will arrive in time). Otherwise, our gifts & gift sets will still be available in the shop so feel free to click and collect or pop in and see us!

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Amundsen Brewery Norway

Norway's Amundsen are rightly regarded for producing some of the most exciting beer going. From the juicy pale to the pastry stout, they've got it covered. This week we've picked up a nice little range for you all to get in to!

View the whole collection from AMUNDSEN here

Whiplash Dublin logo

Fresh in from Dublin this week too, the latest releases from WHIPLASH. If you've not tried their beers yet and have a bit of a thing for well crafted IPA's, these guys are for you. 

View the whole collection from WHIPLASH here

Abyss brewing

Closer to home, we've reloaded on ABYSS and Cloak & Dagger. These two Sussex breweries have become firm favourites of ours in the shop - and we know you folks love them too!

View the our full ABYSS collection here and CLOAK & DAGGER here


A few years ago, one of our team at the pubs went back home to Breda in the Netherlands to visit family. Whilst there, Joyce also stumbled across a new local craft brewery. A few weeks later and after some email exchanges and sampling we managed to get one of our importers to bring over their first load of beer to the UK. It's great to finally have them back in the UK again, it's been a while. Frontaal produce modern craft beer out of an amazing space in Breda. From big, complex stouts to hop forward, juicy IPA's we know you won't be disappointed with their beers.

View the our full FRONTAAL collection here



Based up in Sheffield, Dan and Martha produce an eclectic range of beers all with a unique twist, in part down to using their Koelship for dry hopping. Their IPA's are wonderfully unique in terms of flavour profile and they love brewing their own takes on Belgian styles and lagers too.

View the our full SMOD collection here