If you're in a qualifying postcode get shopping to take advantage! Deliveries go out every Friday, simply order by 10am on the Friday to get it in time for the weekend!

Don't forget, we've got a lovely little sale on this week - there's some absolutely brilliant beer at brilliant prices - plus, if you're after some really quite excellent wine there's 20% off that too which means some of it is at a quite frankly excellent price. If you're a bit unsure what to try it makes even sense to try something new with a deal like this!



Freshies have landed from Beak - including their collaboration with ALLKIN (remember now, they were Good Things before the fire...) 'RON' is a very well hopped IPA, loads of Idaho 7 in here and thus, loads of pithy juice.

Then we have 'JURGEN' - brewed in honour of everyone's favourite German baker from GBBO. This is a big old imperial chocolate stout and pretty damn decadent. 

Plus, restocks on the lovely 'BLUB' too.


Last week I included these fine folk in my Beers Of The Week - and this week we've a couple of new drops from them too which are also deserving of a spot in our BOTW.

'INVERTER' is a West Coast IPA, brewed with classic West Coast hops as you'd expect. Lovely malt balance, piney bitterness and a load of citrus.  

The latest in their 'SQUASHED' series is also with us - this time around they've used Rhubarb & Ginger to create a lovely refreshing sour, all rounded out with a touch of vanilla. This series is definitely one that fits the bill for any sour fan, any fruit beer fan or anyone just interested in trying something new - they're super accessible and really tasty.

And for you haze fans, 'REFRACTOR' is a lovely juicy pale, hopped with Azacca & El Dorado and at a very sessionable 4.2%.


I adore this brewery. They brew what they want, not following styles and always with a reason. Sounds a bit deep maybe but I just love the fact that their beer tends to have a real uniqueness to it - it's not just another hazy pale (not that I don't mind a hazy pale).

So, 'A RIGHT TO ROAM' is a Koelship IPA is a beer with a story - a story about the Moors and about how a protest in 1932 won us all the 'right to roam'. And if you're wondering what a Koelship IPA is - have a read of this here on the SMOD blog - it's quite an interesting read if you like to geek out on these things. Moreover, it's a wonderful way to brew a beer and will please fans of hazy pales and beyond I think.

Plus, we've also got a few cans left of their great collaboration with Wild Beer Co too 'CASCADING COOLSHIPS' - a hoppy, saison IPA hybrid.


This Dutch brewpub are well known for their unique strain of wild yeast which produces some outstanding sours. But they also make some brilliant beer in general - and this time around we've a lovely set from them.

'COELACANTH' is an imperial stout brewed with cacao nibs - soft and smooth is this one.

The we have 'WHITEBAIT' - their 'crushable ale' as they call it (think Session Pale) - and it's a belter - super refreshing with loads of orangey citrus happening.

Finally, something a little different. Brewed after a visit to Bamberg, 'MARELLA' is a result of many hours spent learning about the Rauchbier style. Loads of moreish smokiness here.