We've kept it simple this week and got in 2 of the best UK breweries for you.

DEYA - We've reloaded on the always excellent Steady Rolling Man, plus the latest in the 'Saturated' series - this time it's Citra hops getting the whirlpool treatment. 'Interacting As Yourself' is hoped with Loral, Strata and Centennial for loads of orangey goodness. Finally, they've also done a banging, crisp lager with Stigbergets - 'Welcome to The Gull Lounge'. I don't like Seagulls but I do like a dry-hopped lager so I'll definitely be giving this a go!

VERDANT - Another 'always excellent' pale is Marylou from Verdant. So we've got some more of that in. Then, their latest DIPA 'Your Limitation. It's Only Your Imagination' is in - expect the usual dank, tropical, juicy goodness here. They've also done a collaboration with Civil Society (located in Florida). They've taken their water profile and brewed a juicy IPA, loads of tropical fruit here.

MERAKAI - One of ones to watch from the local scene here. Focussing on full flavoured, hop forward styles in the main and we've got a restock of their great session pale 'Three Little Birds' and their latest New England IPA 'Drinking Cos My Mouth Is Lonely' (which is a great name for one) and features some experimental UK grown Jester hop pellets too. British hops are cool, trust!

BURNING SKY - Recuscant - their nod to the legendary Orval, is back for this years release. It's a truly excellent beer and the brett really adds a lovely touch of fruity funk to it. And we've got some of their much lauded Barley Wine in too. Big, bold and brash, loads of caramel and piney, orangey bitterness.

PLUS - Macintosh are back with their excellent Best Bitter. This is proper stuff, so get a bottle before it's too late.