A quick run down of this weeks new in's for you all - plenty to keep those fridges stocked and some great breweries have landed too.

VOCATION - First time we've had some Vocation in here at the shop - we've got 4 beers to choose from, all (somewhat refreshingly) under 5% too! Bread & Butter is my pick out of the lot but you can't wrong with anything this brewery puts out - the quality is excellent.

FYNE ALES - I'm a 'cask' drinker in the pubs and Fyne Ales produce some lovely beer - so when presented with an opportunity to get some for you all, I have taken it. We've got 6 in, including the renowned 'Jarl' - a brilliant, thirst quenching pale. This is alongside some darker ales, such as Highlander and Vital Spark and bombers of Sublime - their Export Stout.

360 DEGREE - who are definitely one of my favourite local breweries, have just released a new pale - brewed with all English hops. Harlequin, Jester and Olicana combine to create a lovely beer full of orchard fruits, subtle tropical notes and blossom. These guys have been putting out some great hazy pales lately and I'm expecting this to be just as good! English hops have really started to take on a new dimension over the past couple of years - through selective breeding and brewing techniques. We've also stocked up on all your faves from their core range - Fish Hook, Green Monster and Sussex Haze.

PLUS - We've got one of the best Kolsch Lagers going in from Gaffel and a restock on another of the best, Fruh. There's also a smattering of Belgian restocks from Chimay and Slaghmuylders' Pater too... 


POLLY'S - Wales' finest. If you've not tried Polly's yet you should - they're up there with the best of them. Rosebud is a juicy New England IPA - their house style as it were. Little Pale is their tribute to the style that we all fell in love with all those years ago - the West Coast IPA and Layers is a Mosaic led IPA, with some Idaho 7 and Cryo Simcoe on either side which sounds absolutely great to me.

PLUS a couple of darker bits too - Double Barrelled have released a lovely, decadant milk stout called 'What The Cuss' and we've got the quite frankly outstanding 'Dark Harvest' from Boxcar in too. It's a proper robust porter, rich and complex.

That's about it this week, if you missed out on last weeks Pressure Drop then there's still some available but as ever, get in quick before they go (or before I drink all the Alligator Tugboat).